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What Lens Colour Is Best For Sunglasses?

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Are you shopping for stylish new shades but aren’t sure which lens tint to choose? We’re here to help.

Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about the various lens colour options available, so you can make the best choice for your vision needs and lifestyle.

Grey Lenses

Grey or smoke-coloured lenses are the most popular choices. That’s not surprising, since they provide a clear image on both sunny and cloudy days, and provide great overall protection against glare.

Additionally, grey lenses allow true colour recognition so you’ll see colours in their truest form. Grey lenses are the perfect choice for outdoor activities including cycling, driving, water sports, tennis, hiking and more. They also help combat eye fatigue.

Brown Lenses

Brown lenses provide excellent visual contrast and depth perception, and are ideally suited for bright, sunny environments. The red and warm hues in brown lenses also help filter out blue light.

Brown lenses are ideal for bright outdoor activities like golfing, driving and sailing.

Green Lenses

Green lenses combine the functions of both grey and brown lenses. They provide better colour perception than brown lenses, and higher contrast than grey lenses.

Lenses with a green tint are perfect for both sunny and low-light conditions, and reduce glare while making shadows brighter. Green lenses are a great all-purpose choice because they provide clear and comfortable vision, rain or shine.

Yellow Lenses

[Favored] by baseball players, pilots and gamers, yellow lenses are ideal for individuals who spend a lot of time rapidly shifting their focus from one object to another.

Yellow lenses block the most blue light and provide crisp vision in foggy, hazy or low-light environments. Keep in mind that yellow lenses may cause colour distortion in certain settings.

Red/Pink Lenses

Ruby-red tints significantly increase contrast in overcast or foggy conditions. They also provide excellent depth perception and enhanced driving visibility. Consider red or pink lenses if you play winter sports or water sports, or if you’re a gamer. They also help reduce eye strain by blocking blue light.

Blue Lenses

A popular choice among the fashion-savvy, blue or violet lenses are excellent at reducing glare in snowy or wet conditions. They also enhance contours and improve colour perception.

Whether you’re on the golf course or the slopes, blue lenses will enhance both your look and your vision.

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